Avast Free Antivirus 2016 License Key Activation Code

Are you looking for most trusted free antivirus in 2016? Then this post will help you too much because avast free antivirus 2015 is one of the best secure free anti virus. It is also most popular antivirus in the whole world 230 million peoples devices are secured by avast. So can you think how useful it is?

Avast is providing 3 types of security software then are avast free anti virus, avast internet security and avast Premiere. Every software has a lot of facility. Now we will discuss about the features of avast free antivirus 2015:

Avast Free Antivirus 2016 License Key

Latest Features:

Updated latest great thread detecting system that can detect any kind of virus, threads, worms etc.
A home network facility that can provide weekly automatic scanning for your PC without slowing CPU.
Browser Clean up without any risk. Many browsers has a lot of harmful add on. But for more security and safety browser clean up the facility. It is also can help you in avoiding cookies stealing.
Another special facility for secure your PC is software update. It can help you to keep your pc update. If any software has any update version then you will be informed by avast.
The avast virus definition is automatically updatable and you can control it on setting.
System Requirements:

You can use it on PC/laptop, iPhone/iPad, Mobile phone/smart phone, MAC.

You must need to have space on your device to install. There are no more additional system requirements.

If it is not working, then you can follow avast FAQ section by clicking here.

 How To Get Avast Free Antivirus 2016 License Key Free Activation Code for 1 Year?

Avast 2016 Free Antivirus is officially cost free to download but if you need to use it longtime then you need license key to activate for a limited time. It will cost you, but today we will provide Avast Free Antivirus 2015 1 Year Serial Number for totally free. Just need to follow some steps:

Step 1: At first you need to download the software, for download you can click here. After download, install it on your PC.

Step 2: If you are already an avast user then you have no need to follow step 1, just avoid it.

Step 3: For getting one year free license key visit there by clicking here.

Step 4: Now you can see a registration form and filled up it, then click on ‘REGISTRATION FOR FREE LICENSE KEY’.

Step 5: Now you will get a confirmation email to your email address within 30 minutes. You can check it on your inbox or spam folder.
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Create PayPal Buy Now button for selling an item on your website

This article will walk you through the options for creating a basic Buy Now button for selling an item on your website.
Step-by-Step Instructions
  1. On the button creation page, select the “Buy Now” button option to start creating your button.

  1. In the “Item name” box, enter the name of the item you want to sell, such as “Event T-shirt.”
  2. Optional – The “Item ID” is not needed, but can be helpful for tracking items and inventory with other systems.
  3. In the “Price” box, enter the cost of your item. You can enter the price in most formats, such as “10.00” or “10”. The currency symbol will automatically be displayed, so you don’t need to include it.

    If you want customers to enter their own price, such as for a custom invoice or service, simply leave the “Price” box blank.
    If you need to offer different prices for different options, such as a larger size for $2.00 more, leave the “Price” box blank – pricing for options will be handled in the “Customize button” section below.
  4. Choose your currency. By default it is set to USD.
  5. Optional – Customize your button. Skip to step 11 if you do not need to add item options or text fields, or change your button’s appearance.
    There are several ways you can customize your button:
    • Add drop-down menu with price/option” – This allows you to set a different price for each option (e.g. a large version costs more than a small version). See Step 7 for instructions.
    • “Add drop-down menu” – Allows your customers to choose an option when the price is the same (e.g. a large costs the same as a small). See Step 8 for instructions.
    • “Add text field” – this allows your customer to enter personalized text (e.g. for a monogram or engraving). See Step 9for instructions.
    • “Customize text or appearance” – this allows you to use your own button image, change the words on the button from “Buy Now” to “Pay Now”, make the button larger or smaller, or remove the strip of credit card logos from below the button. SeeStep 10 for instructions.
    You can use any or all of these customization options in combination with each other – adding a drop-down with price options will not prevent you from adding a second drop-down menu with no prices.
  6. “Add drop down menu with price/option”. If your item has a different price for each option (depending on size, style, etc.) check this box to set up your prices for each option.

    Enter the name of your drop-down menu – it should be a description of the kind of options available, such as “Size”, “Color”, “Style”.

    Enter your options and the prices for each one.

    There are three options available by default – if you need more, click “Add another option,” up to a maximum of 10. If you need to remove one, click “Remove option” to remove the bottom option from the list.
    When you have finished adding your options click “Done” to apply these settings to your button. The example button on the right side will update to show you how your button will look to your customers.
  7. “Add drop down menu”. If your customers can choose some options for your item, but the price remains the same, check the box to use the “Add drop-down menu” function.

    Enter the name of your drop-down menu – it should be a description of the kind of options available, such as “Size”, “Color”, “Style”.

    Enter each of your options in the “option name” boxes.

    There are three options available by default – if you need more, click “Add another option,” up to a maximum of 10. If you need to remove an option, leave it blank – it will be removed when you click the "Done" button.

    When you have finished adding your options click “Done” to apply these settings to your button. The example button on the right side will update to show you how your button will look to your customers.
  8. “Add text field”. If you want to allow your customers to include some customized text on their item, such as an engraving or monogram, check the box next to “Add text field”.

    The name of the field can only be 30 characters long, so you will want to use something simple but descriptive such as “Your Initials”, “Please engrave” or “Custom text”.

    When you are finished, click “Done”. The example button on the right side will update to show you how your button will look to your customers.
  9. Customize text or appearance”. Click this option to change the appearance of your PayPal button.

    If you want to use the classic PayPal button, there are options to make it smaller and remove the credit card logos from underneath it. You can also change the text to say “Pay Now” instead of “Buy Now”, or use a different language altogether.

    You can also use your own button image, but it must already be hosted on a webpage URL.
  10. If you are able to use flat-rate shipping for your item, and don’t need to charge extra for shipping if a customer orders more than one, you can enter your shipping fee in the “Use specific amount” box. Make sure to enter the fee amount without the currency symbol (e.g., $, £, €, etc.), no thousands separator (e.g. 1000 instead of 1,000), and use the period (".") as the decimal separator.
    If you need to charge an incremental shipping fee if a customer orders more than one of an item, see our “Incremental Shipping Rate” guide.
    If you need to charge variable amounts based on order amount (monetary value), order weight, item quantity, or shipping distance, you will need to set up your shipping rates in your Profile using PayPal’s Shipping Calculator. Click here to see our guide: “Using the PayPal Shipping Calculator.”
    If you are using the Shipping Calculator, leave the shipping field blank.
  11. Enter the percentage to be used for your tax rate. If you need to have a different tax rate for each state, leave this field blank and usePayPal’s Tax Calculator to help set up your tax rates.
  12. Payments are sent to the PayPal account that you used to create your button and are only identifiable an email address or, by default, a secured merchant account ID – this helps to keep your account’s email address safe and secure. It is recommended that you keep the default “Use my secure merchant account ID” option so that your email is not exposed within the button code.
  13. Click “Create Button” to save your button and generate the code you need to add it to your website.
  14. You will need to copy the code in order to place it on your website. Click “Select Code” underneath the box containing the HTML. This will highlight all of the HTML for you.
    There are slightly different instructions for adding a button to an emailor Facebook .
  15. Right click on the highlighted code and select “Copy” (or press Ctrl+C for Windows, or Cmd+C for Apple systems).
  16. Above the HTML box are general instructions for placing the code on a website. If you need instructions specific to your website or additional help with putting the code on your site, contact your website provider (e.g. Wordpress, GoDaddy, Joomla, Yahoo, etc). They will be the most familiar with your platform and how to get your button working properly on your website.
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Add Beautiful CSS3 Drop Down Menu to Blogger Blog

It s good to have CSS drop down menu rather than using Jquery menu on your blog. Jquery menu slow down your blog loading time. So today I am sharing pure CSS and HTML drop down menu for your blogger blog. So now you do not have to run after scripts like jquery when you have CSS and HTML with many more customization. Many blogger use this kind drop down menu and a drop down menu also consumes less space on your menu bar. So lets start to add horizontal drop down menu on your blog.

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Play USA Lottery Online | MegaMillions | Powerball

PlayUSAlotteries.com lets you play all your favourite international lotteries easily and securely online.

Learning how to play the lottery online will only take a few moments of your time! To play the lottery with PlayUSAlotteries.com you can follow these simple procedures:

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Send Free SMS in India

Send Free SMS Online For Any Mobile Number . Send FREE SMS to all Numbers

 Fullonsms.com  Help Connecting Faster With Simple And Easy Messaging  Service.

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Get PUK Code Onine

When you enter the wrong PIN for your mobile more than three times, it locks your SIM card. This prevents anyone trying to guess your PIN. To unlock it, you’ll need a Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) code.

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How to Apply Voter ID Card Online

Voter id card is a very important and useful document for Indian citizen. Voter Identity card is used as ticket to voting as well as a legal documentation for various government offices. Getting a Voter Card has been very easy after introducing online registration system. The eligible age for getting a voter identity card is specified as 18 years by Indian constitution. The step by step process of applying for a voter id card online is stated below.

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